Our Digital Process

Now that you have picked your new natural stone countertop material, Exquisite Stone is going to show you how it will look in your space.

As a digital shop, Exquisite Stone is able to quickly, efficiently and accurately process your natural stone and quartz projects. Exquisite Stone is one of a handful of fabrication facilities in the state that has forgone a more manual approach to fabrication in favor of a more digital process.

One amazing benefit of this computer system is that we are able to create digital renderings of each countertop project. This means we can offer actual images that show how each countertop will look, enabling an entirely custom product that can be visually approved by each customer.

Whether we are comparing granite colors, examining seam placement, or determining how each piece sits on a slab, this computer software makes the process of finalizing a countertop project very easy and transparent. Now you don’t have to wait to see what those countertops will look like!

No more guesswork, no surprises when the installers arrive with your new countertop - you get to pick how it will layout and know what it will look like in your space.

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Check out how we can layout your new kitchen using our software: