The Exquisite Stone Process

The Exquisite Stone Process is set apart from the competition by a blend of exceptional service and state-of-the-art technology. We pride ourselves on working closely with the customer through every step of the process to ensure a trouble-free experience and stunning results.

Here's a closer look at our process:

Step 1: Estimate

Each project starts with an estimate, which is offered free of charge when preliminary drawings and dimensions are provided. Any materials, colors, or custom options can be quoted before the project begins.

Step 2: Template Creation

Once the specifics of your project have been finalized, an appointment will be made for our qualified technician to stop by the jobsite to make a template of the project. This template is produced digitally to ensure accuracy and speed, which makes for a short appointment and amazing results. We request that sink, faucet and cooktop specifications are available on the day of template creation.

Step 3: Preparation

Once a template has been created, the design technician will prepare the final drawings for your approval. Any special requests will be confirmed at this time, including placement of faucet drills, design and size of areas with extra overhang, custom edgework, and any other special requests. At this point the original estimate will be finalized with updated square footage and any custom options.

Step 4: Slab Layout

A digital slab layout is prepared for every job in order to show how each piece will be positioned on the slab. For materials with high movement and variation, multiple layout options may be prepared for customer approval. These images can be easily viewed and approved electronically via email, making the process easy and unobtrusive. If preferred, an appointment can be made to work one-on-one with the technician to prepare the final layout.

Step 5: Fabrication

After final customer approval, the project will move to fabrication where the product will be cut, polished, and prepped for installation.

Step 6: Installation

This process can take anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. An appropriate time window will be scheduled and confirmed after the template is complete. If Exquisite Stone is completing tear-out of any existing countertops, this process may create extra debris and dust. We recommend that customers either remove objects from drawers and cabinets or to cover items in drawers and cabinets with towels or plastic. Exquisite Stone is not liable for damage caused to paint, wallpaper and/or drywall.

Step 7: Enjoy your new product!